Seat Switch Replacement John Deere Delta

· Model:OPS750B
· Replacement:Ariens 03654200,Grasshopper 183871,Delta 6500-02,John Deere AM125824 & AM124426
· Normally Open
· CE Certificated

EW Part No.: OPS750B

·Structure:Normally open white seat switch OPS750 plus gray switch actuator.
·All plastic parts are UV resistant, oil resistant and high temperature resistant.
·When installing the switch, the operator needs to rotate 55 degrees clockwise when viewed from under the seat.
·Rated Voltage: 50V DC, Rated Current: 2A
·Contact:Normally Open
·CE Certificated


Ariens 03654200
Bad Boy 071 - 8062 - 00
Delta 6500-02
Grasshopper 183871
John Deere AM124426
John Deere AM125824
John Deere LVA12333
Stens 430-239


Agricultural Tractor Seat, Skid Steer Seat,Excavator Seat,Small Construction Equipment,Riding Mower Seat,Material Handling Equipment Seat,Forklift Truck Seat,and Scrubber Seat.