Micro Seat Switch DT Connector OPS 751

Micro Seat Switch DT Connector OPS 751

· Model OPS751
· Rated Voltage: 50DC, Rated Current: 2A
· Connector: DT04-2P
· Normally Open
· CE Certified


· Rated Voltage:50V DC,Rated Current:2A

· Connector: DT04-2P

· Wire Length: 1200mm

· Normally Open

· CE Certificated


· Agricultural Machinery

· Forklifts

· Lawn Mowers

· Ground Service Equipment

· Sweeper & Scrubber Seats


Model OPS751 is a seat switch that can be applied on different vehicles. The micro switch can be applied for product request high sensitivity. Standard module is with connect DT04-2P, we can change the connector accordingly. This switch is reliable and commonly used, provide extra safety protection for users.

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