Zero Turn Riding Mowers Suspension Seat

Zero Turn Riding Mowers Suspension Seat

· Model ES201L
· Ideal for ZTR Mower,Tractor,Forklift
· Ergonomic Design
· Adjustable Backrest,Back Angle Adjustment:78°-180°


• Cushion and armrest in accordance with ergonomic design,bring a comfortable driving experience for the driver.
• Low Suspension and High Durability,Suspension Stroke: 60mm.
• With Slides,Fore and Aft Adjustment: +75~-75mm Increment: 12.5mm
• Back Angle Adjustment:78°-180°
• Material: Heavy Duty and Anti-UV PVC

Optional Accessories:
• Static or Angle Adjustable Armrest
• Seat Switch (EW Part No.:OPS750/OPS754)
• Two-points Static or Retractable Seat Belt
• Color:Black/Gray/Customized

Model ES201L is designed for ZTR mower,turf equipment,agricultural tractor,skid steer loader and small construction machinery.