Xenon Lamp Features

Xenon Lamp Features

Date:Feb 04, 2019

1, The color temperature is high, the light color is blue

It looks more handsome. K is a mark of k number, and the color temperature of a general halogen lamp is below 3,000. The xenon lamp is usually started at 4500k. 7000k is very common. Two days ago, I saw a buddy saying that there was a 12000k xenon lamp. It was crazy, and it was sure that the blue was purple. The K number is high, generally closer to daylight, and more acceptable, but I think the real benefit of high color temperature is just good-looking, and other things are not very useful.

2, High brightness

Note that color temperature and brightness are fundamentally different concepts. The neon light is not due to high color temperature, but because of high brightness. The unit of brightness is lumens, and the lumens of xenon lamps are generally three times that of ordinary halogen lamps.

3, Low energy consumption, long life

Others such as low energy consumption and long life have little to do with us.


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