Safety Attention In Forklift Operation

Safety Attention In Forklift Operation

Date:Nov 25, 2018

1. Drivers trained and licensed can drive.

2. Check the control and alarm devices before driving. If damage or defect is found, they should be operated after repair.

3. When handling, it should not exceed the specified load. Forks should be inserted under the goods, and the goods should be evenly placed on the forks. No single fork tip should be allowed to pick up the goods.

4. Start, steer, drive, brake and stop smoothly. On wet or smooth roads, the steering speed should be decelerated.

5. Loading should be lowered and the gantry should be tilted back.

6. Drive carefully on the ramp. When more than one tenth of the ramp is running, the uphill should drive forward, the downhill should drive backward, and the uphill and downhill should avoid turning. Forklift trucks should not carry out loading and unloading operations while driving.

7. When driving, attention should be paid to pedestrians, obstacles and pitted roads, as well as the gaps above forklift trucks.

8. No one is allowed to stand on the fork and no one is allowed on the vehicle.

9. No one is allowed to stand under or walk under the fork.

10. It is forbidden to operate vehicles and fittings from positions other than driver's seat.

11. Do not carry goods that are not fixed or loosely stacked. Carefully handle large-sized goods.

12. When lifting a forklift truck with a lifting height greater than 3 meters, attention should be paid to the falling of the goods above, and protective measures should be taken when necessary. When working, the gantry should be tilted backward as far as possible and be tilted forward and backward in a minimum range.

13. When refueling, the driver should not be on the car, and the engine should be turned off. When checking the level of battery or tank, the driver should not ignite.

14. When leaving the vehicle, drop the fork to the ground and put the gear handle in the neutral position. The engine is out of flameout and the power supply is disconnected. The hand brake is pulled up. When parking on the ramp, the wheel must be padded with a pad.

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