Mobile Seat Features

Mobile Seat Features

Date:Nov 13, 2018

The joint structure is reasonable, the work is easy, light and simple. The carrying capacity is large. High structural strength, good overall stability, safe and reliable. A self-locking mechanism is inserted through a separate wedge. The plug-in has a self-locking function that can be locked or unplugged for removal by pressing the latch.

The component series is standardized for easy transportation and management.

The seat is made of aluminum alloy material, which has light weight and is resistant to corrosion in a humid environment. In high temperature environment, it will not deform or crack. It has a long service life and can meet various requirements.

A variety of needs for complex sections.

Non-polluting production process. In line with current green environmental requirements.

Modular design makes installation and maintenance simple.

It can be divided into single layers and multiple layers, and can be set up with awnings.

It is easy to move and is widely used in outdoor venues.

The grandstand seats are available in low back and flat to meet a variety of occasions.

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