Is It Easy To Burn With A Car Headlight Adder

Is It Easy To Burn With A Car Headlight Adder

Date:Jan 23, 2019

Is it easy to burn with a car headlight adder?

A: No, the car enhancer uses the built-in high-performance power supply components to process the unstable power supply (10V~16V) from the automotive power generation components (12V model series), providing a constant best work for the car headlights. Voltage (14.1V), this voltage is in line with international standards (ISO3559-1976) "Road vehicles - the voltage of motor vehicles and their trailers." The car headlights work at this voltage with the highest luminous efficiency, and the color temperature is close to daylight. National automotive lighting installation and speed of light and luminous intensity standards: GB4785-1998. GB7258-2004. Light makes the eyes less prone to fatigue, and the life of the headlights is less than 15%. On the other hand, the advanced car microprocessor built into the car headlights enhances the headlights to provide cold start, short circuit and overvoltage. , and other protections, the headlights can be said to be cared for, and the actual use has not found the accidental failure of the headlights.

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