How To Choose A Satisfactory Forklift

How To Choose A Satisfactory Forklift

Date:Nov 30, 2018

Choosing a forklift must first choose from these aspects:

1. The stability of the forklift: With the strong rise of modern industry, the ideas of various manufacturers are not sticking to the rules but becoming unique. The factories all over the country are rushing to surpass the opponents, and some factories are even working day and night. And what is indispensable in this is our forklift, which is often overloaded and operates all day. Therefore, our quality requirements for forklifts are very strict, and we can't be sloppy. When we are fully engaged in work, such as the unstable situation of the forklift, this is a very tricky and very troublesome one. Things, going bigger, often bring us unimaginable losses. Therefore, when we purchase a forklift, we must first ask for the stability of the forklift. For the time being, some of the top-grade forklifts in domestic and imported forklifts can meet this condition. Our company's Linde and Breguet can also meet this condition.

2. Electricity consumption: This is a relatively hot topic, now the factory's electric forklift is almost all day operation, electric forklift equipment itself is a kind of mechanical equipment with large power consumption; then how Choosing a forklift with lower power consumption and higher working efficiency? First, choose the right brand, then look at the voltage ratio of its input and output, and what is the power consumption in one hour. Combine these and compare them to see some clues;

3. Investment: As far as China's forklift market is concerned, domestic forklifts are more cost-effective, while imports cost more. In the eyes of ordinary users, there is a gap between domestic and foreign manufacturing, and the facts are This is not the case. Nowadays, China's production technology and production level are also ranked first in the world. It is not expensive in terms of cost. It is very good. The main thing is to look at the performance and practical value of the product.

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