Fault Detection Of Car Headlights

Fault Detection Of Car Headlights

Date:Jan 29, 2019

Checking the out-of-light lamp bulb burnout is an extremely quick and easy task, but comprehensive system maintenance of the exterior lights is not that simple. Timely maintenance of the exterior lights is critical to the driver as it not only affects the comfort of the drive, but is also directly related to the safety of the drive. It is often difficult for the owner to be aware that the headlights, taillights, turn signals or parking lights are not working properly until they are alerted. Incidentally, the replacement of the burnt bulb is very simple, and the cost of DIY is lower than the cost of maintenance of the lighting system at the repair station.


In more cases, the failure of the lamp is not limited to small problems such as lamp burnout, socket rust or plug damage. It is often necessary to take professional diagnostic techniques to analyze the root cause of the fault. Even for low-priced cars, the internal and external luminaires are controlled by the host computer. For those luxury cars, only the front headlights are controlled by three computers.

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