Definition Of Injection Molded Seats

Definition Of Injection Molded Seats

Date:Nov 01, 2018

It can be installed simply and quickly on this basis; the fixing parts are durable and suitable for daily use in sports venues; the seat parts can be placed on the drainage parts; the sponsor's logo can be installed or removed at any time; the color of your club can be displayed using the logo parts; The stadium is equipped with a bracket. advantage

Distinctive features: novel design, fine craftsmanship, long service life and impact resistance.

Excellent material: The injection chair is made of imported high-strength polypropylene. The international industry standard plastic, pigment, UV absorber and antioxidant can prevent wear and fading.

Excellent strength: in line with international standards, mechanical properties exceed national standards.

Performance: It is made of high-strength moisture-proof polypropylene and special self-extinguishing resin. It has high service life due to high temperature resistance, low temperature and artificial accelerated aging test.

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