Car Seat Operation Is Simple Four Steps

Car Seat Operation Is Simple Four Steps

Date:Dec 24, 2018

Step1: Adjust the seat height

A suitable height is a prerequisite for obtaining a good driving view. When adjusting the seat, the height adjustment is usually taken as the first step. When adjusting, it is necessary to ensure that the head and the roof have at least one punch left. In order to avoid the head hitting the roof when the vehicle is bumped.

Step 2: Adjust the seat back

Daily driving Our recommended seat back tilt angle is 100-110 degrees. After adjusting the height, many car owners are accustomed to adjust the front and rear of the seat first, and then adjust the backrest. In principle, this is not a big problem. Just after determining the angle of the backrest, it is more convenient to adjust the appropriate distance before and after the seat.

Step 3: Adjust the front and rear of the seat

After ensuring that the right foot is fully pressed on the brakes, the knee joints are still naturally bent slightly, and the angle of the knee joint should not exceed the recommended range of the comfortable sitting angle diagram. During the adjustment process, the steering wheel can be adjusted to the angle that suits you. The principle of adjustment is that the arm can maintain a comfortable bending angle when holding the nine-point position. This angle is generally between 90 and 120 degrees.

Step 4: Adjust the position of the headrest

The height of the headrest should be adjusted to be flush with the head, that is, the soft part of the headrest is flush with the eyebrows or the auricles so that the head protects the head and the cervical spine when the vehicle is subjected to severe impact. Obtained. When the headrest has the function of front and rear adjustment, the principle that the distance between the head and the headrest should be as small as possible, the smaller the distance, the greater the cushioning protection effect of the headrest.

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