Car Seat Height Adjustment

Car Seat Height Adjustment

Date:Dec 12, 2018

Many small partners complain that when adjusting the height of the seat, the front and rear positions will also change. In fact, as long as the height is adjusted first, before and after the adjustment, the effect will be immediate. Whether driving a car or an SUV, the head is in the center of the window. If the head is too close to the roof, the bumpy head will easily hit the roof, and the body swing will increase when cornering. Affecting the distant view, you want to see the high street signs will be affected, so the seat can not be adjusted too high. Of course, you can't adjust it too low. In addition to the height and other information, you should pay attention to the reflection area of the rear view mirror and the front view. The correct height should be considering the wider front view and the larger rear view. Outside the mirror reflection zone, the lower the better.

The adjustment of the front and rear position of the seat is generally not difficult, because the adjustment is too far to reach the pedal, the adjustment is too close to the leg will be very crowded, driving is not convenient. Therefore, adjust the front and rear position of the seat to ensure that the throttle can be stepped on the bottom, as far as possible to adjust the seat backwards, a little more space, in the event of an accident, less risk.

When adjusting the front and rear position, be careful to ensure that the leg has a certain degree of curvature when the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, so that when the brake is applied, the force can be applied. When the brake is applied, the reaction force from the brake pedal can be avoided to hurt the knee.

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