​Basic Requirements For Car Seats

​Basic Requirements For Car Seats

Date:Dec 06, 2018

The car seat rider provides easy access, driving and seating.

It should have the following conditions:

The arrangement of the seats in the entire compartment should be reasonable, especially the position of the driver's seat;

The shape design of the seat conforms to the physiological function of the human body, and strives to be beautiful under the premise of guarantee;

The seat is reliable and should have sufficient strength, rigidity and durability, compact structure and minimized quality;

In order to meet the various adjustment mechanisms set up by the passengers, there must be a reliable locking device.

Adjust the distance between the seat and the pedal. If the distance between the seat and the pedal is large, the driver's leg will be more comfortable, but the accuracy and strength of the pedal will be worse.

On the other hand, if the distance between the seat and the pedal is small, the legs and legs are easily fatigued. The adjustment method is to push the seat back and let the left leg step on the clutch pedal to be natural and easy.

Make adjustments around the steering wheel. Depending on the height of the arm of different people, it is necessary to consider that the hands are naturally stretched and rotated, and the elbows and shoulders are relaxed. The height of the steering wheel is about 10 cm lower than the shoulder.

Adjust the backrest. The more the backrest is tilted back, the more comfortable the person feels, but too much tilting will affect the car, so keep the proper tilt.

Adjust the height of the driver's seat. The main principle is that when the driver's eyes are looking straight, the line of sight can fall on the center line of the front windshield, so that the field of view can be maintained.

The fabric seat is cost-effective, although it is not graded, but it is very practical. The fabric seat is not easy to break, has a long service life, and is difficult to repair, and is not easy to age. The flannel seat has a stronger friction and it feels more stable when sitting up, without the feeling of slipping. Manufacturing cost, good ventilation. But there are also some shortcomings, such as being not resistant to dirt and poor heat dissipation. Of course, leather seats also have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the user's own preferences.

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