Advantages Of Mobile Seats

Advantages Of Mobile Seats

Date:Nov 07, 2018

Simple structure, low price, made of aluminium alloy material, with light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, rigidity, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance and other characteristics, long service life, not afraid of moisture; smooth surface, easy to clean; unique invisible flow hole design, fine technology; pollution-free production process. It meets the requirements of green cash environment protection; modular design makes installation and maintenance simple; stand seats have two choices of low back and flat to meet the needs of various occasions.


Easy to move: All components can be combined, step structure, components fixed by rubber sheath pulley.

Less space: When the stand is not used, it is easy to rotate the cascade components from the horizontal position to the vertical position due to its light weight.

Modularization: The seats of the stand system can be assembled, disassembled and assembled at will to meet the needs of various venues. Other features can also be added.

Fast Assembly Stand: Fast Assembly Stand is a new temporary stand system, which can be assembled arbitrarily. The frame unit adopts chrysanthemum buckle scaffolding structure. On the mature 48-type chrysanthemum buckle scaffolding structure, the multi-stage modulus temporary stand is assembled according to the requirements. The specification is 370mm (storey height) X 750mm (depth). It can be matched with low back or middle back injection chair, which is easy to install. Layer frame adopts welded integral modular, interchangeable and versatile, high-quality carbon anti-skid pattern steel pedal, 350 kg per square, the highest level of temporary stand can reach 30 layers, eleven meters high, all metal components are galvanized and rust-proof treatment.

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