Adjustment Of Seat Back Angle

Adjustment Of Seat Back Angle

Date:Dec 18, 2018

Some people like to drive halfway and feel comfortable in this position, but the comfort is comfortable and the safety hazard has increased, because this position will affect the driving sight. The most critical case of an emergency will increase the damage of the airbag to the human body.

The correct adjustment of the backrest is when the shoulder of the partner is attached to the seat back. When the arm is extended, the wrist can be naturally placed on the upper edge of the steering wheel, and the elbow has a certain curvature. At the same time, the friends can also clearly see the full dashboard. In this way, the backrest can be adjusted, and the steering wheel can be bent and forcefully responded regardless of the angle of rotation. After reaching this standard, the backrest is set up to be OK.

Many female friends drive the car and adjust the steering wheel very close to the body. It looks like driving on the steering wheel. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because the body is too close to the steering wheel, it will increase the damage when the airbag is ejected, and the steering wheel debris will be regretted if it is scratched. Of course, it can't be too far away from the steering wheel. It is uncomfortable to drive your car for a long time. If there is an emergency, it may cause operational errors.

In fact, the position of the steering wheel is followed by the position of the seat. The height of the seat and the front and rear positions are adjusted. The body is relaxed and the arm is straightened to the front of the steering wheel. The steering wheel is adjusted to the position where the wrist is in contact with the wrist. Adjustments do not affect the look at the dashboard.

Many people will ignore the adjustment of the headrest. Some newcomers think that the headrest is just a kind of decoration. Actually, it is not because the headrest can save lives at a crucial moment. Tests have shown that a vehicle with a speed of 100km/h can be rear-endged without headrest protection, and the neck of the person on the car will be broken! To avoid such a tragedy, the best thing is to adjust the height of the headrest, adjust the height of the headrest to the back of the head, and adjust the headrest in other positions besides the driver's position. The method is of course the same.

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