What problems should be paid attention to when replacing the seat angle adjuster?

Date:Mar 15, 2021

When replacing the seat adjuster, it is necessary to remove the original seat adjuster. When disassembling such equipment, some local conditions must be paid attention to. First, turn the rear seats upside down and put them back in a low position, which can make room for the rear seats. In the front row, the headrests slide forward, sliding forward to the front, and the back of the headrests are tilted back so that they can be flush with the rear row. The front row needs to be leveled forward, and the angle adjuster of the original car needs to be modified.

Most seats are directly fastened. If you replace it, it will be more convenient to remove the seat. How to judge whether the seat angle adjuster is damaged? If the back cannot be stuck, it means there is a problem with the angle adjuster. There is an angle adjuster on the left and right sides of the back. Generally, the possibility of wear is relatively small. If we do not have enough skills to replace it, we can choose and contact the manufacturer to replace it. This is a reliable method.

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