What are the main reasons for forklift corrosion and rust?

Date:May 27, 2020

The corrosion of the forklift is not only related to the environment but also to its own structure.

Forklifts can be divided into internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts. Most internal combustion forklifts are used in ports, docks and industrial and mining places, and the use environment is relatively harsh, especially in the port and chemical industry. Due to the combined effects of the belt, wet tropical zone, maritime climate environment and industrial exhaust gas and dust, the forklifts have zero The components are damaged by corrosion and the corrosion is more serious; while battery forklifts are mostly used in indoor places such as warehouses, the environment changes little, and the corrosion caused by environmental factors is relatively light.

The corrosive environment generated inside the forklift, such as the high temperature generated by the engine and the combustion exhaust gas containing sulfur and chloride ions, the acid mist and liquid leakage generated by the battery, the stress caused by vibration and impact during operation, the local damage caused by friction and collision, etc. are also caused The main cause of corrosion damage to forklift parts.

The main mechanism of metal corrosion is the conversion of the original metal into metal oxides, causing structural parts or components to rust, damage, or even fail to repair and scrap. The aging of non-metallic materials such as paint, rubber, and fiberglass fiber is mainly due to the physical and chemical changes such as cracking, degradation, and dissolution of the polymer structure of the material after the comprehensive effect of the environment, resulting in a decline in appearance and performance. It can be seen that the design structure, applied materials, processes and protective measures of the forklift directly determine the corrosion resistance of the forklift.


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