The Integral Forming Process for Making Polyurethane Seats

Date:Jul 27, 2019


The polyurethane seat forming process is more complicated, and the process can be roughly divided into the following steps:
1. spraying the release agent in the cavity;
2. Place the reinforcing material or the skeleton material on the diaphragm;
3. Manually open the frame clamp of the fabric on the mold;
4. Stretch the fabric in the cavity and clamp it;
5. Heating the fabric at a predetermined temperature (requires accurate temperature control to avoid wrinkling and cracking of the fabric surface);
6. The fabric is completely attached to the inner surface of the mold by vacuum adsorption;
7. The polyurethane foaming mixture is poured into the preformed fabric. Open mold pouring mode or closed mold pouring mode, depending on the product;
8. After the curing time is over, the entire seat is demolded.

The above process has certain requirements on the fabric material, and the following conditions must be met:
1. It has two-way ductility;
2. The fabric material must be a gas-tight coating fabric for vacuum forming and to avoid foam penetration;
3. Polyurethane foam has good uniform adhesion properties.

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