Technical background of excavator seat damping

Date:Dec 27, 2018

Excavators, also known as excavating machines, are also known as excavators. They are used to excavate materials above or below the surface of the carrier and are loaded into the earth moving machinery of the transport vehicle or unloaded to the stockyard. The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, sediment and pre-pulled soil and rock. From the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction.

However, when the existing excavator is working, the up and down movement of the power arm will drive the cab of the excavator to vibrate, thereby exerting a force on the seat in the cab, and the force will act on the operator above the seat, not only It affects the health of the operator and also affects the operator's operation of the excavator. To this end, we propose a shock absorber for the excavator seat.

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