Seat accessories

Date:Jun 01, 2020

Forklifts are highly standardized and versatile, and are widely used in factories, mines, warehouses, stations, ports, airports, cargo yards, distribution centers, and distribution centers. , Containers and other container parts for loading and unloading, stacking, depalletizing, short-distance transportation and other operations, is an indispensable equipment for pallet transportation, container transportation.

We do n’t know much about the seats used on forklifts. Forklift seats are one of the accessories of forklifts. Although the seats are small, they affect the safety of users and the comfort during operation.

The accessories of the forklift seat are: slide rail, seat belt, electric lock, armrest

Slide rail: The main function of the slide rail is to adjust the front and back positions of the entire seat, and adjust to the best position according to the user. How to check whether the slide rail is a qualified product? Just look at whether the slide rail is sliding smoothly. If there is a stuck situation, it means that the slide rail is not a qualified product, and there will be a stuck situation during use.

Seat belt: Seat belt is a kind of accessory that everyone is familiar with. The matching degree of seat belt and various seats is very high. There are no special requirements for installation. There are currently three types of seat belts: ordinary non-reboundable full belts, reboundable seat belts and seat belts with emergency locking.

Electric lock: There are many ways to call this electric lock, such as seat switch, electric lock, sensor and so on. The electric lock is actually equivalent to a switch, if the forklift is equipped with a buzzer. Without a seat belt, there will be a sound of Didi reminding us to fasten the seat belt. If there is someone on the seat, the electric lock circuit will be connected. If someone is on the seat, we can start the forklift. Prevent people from not being on it, the forklift is started by mistake, causing danger.

Armrest: There are two types of armrest, adjustable armrest and non-adjustable armrest. The main difference between the adjustable armrest and the non-adjustable armrest is that the adjustable armrest can be stuck at any angle, and the non-adjustable armrest can only be 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

This is the main four small parts of the forklift. Each small part has different functions. There are many extensions of each part. The specific parts should be selected according to your use conditions.


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