Safe Use of Lawn Mower

Date:Apr 06, 2020

1. Before using the lawn mower to cut grass, the operator must first remove debris in the mowing area to avoid damage to the blade.

2. When the engine starts in a cold state, the throttle should be closed first, and then open the throttle at the right time after starting.

3. If the turf area is too large, the continuous working time of the mower should not exceed six hours in winter, and should not exceed four hours in summer. Each lawn mower is different, and the continuous working time depends on the specific conditions of the equipment.

4. After using the lawn mower, the operator should thoroughly clean it and check whether all the screws are tightened and whether the blade is damaged.

5. In daily care, the inspection of vulnerable parts should be strengthened according to the years of use of the lawn mower, and any damaged or missing parts should be replaced in time.

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