Maintenance of car lights

Date:Oct 25, 2018

Note 1: Check the lamp, in normal use and daily maintenance, the car mainly pay attention to check the night line and the wide lights, fog lights, brake lights, etc. is normal, if there is a work light bulb is found black, it should be replaced in time.

Note 2: How to replace the lamp? The car mainly reads the instructions, usually remember that the bulb and socket construction is prepared to cope with the temporary position. Various types of bulbs, if available, should be ready to supply the lights and directions.

Note 3: Check the lamp. Note that the dust cover has cracked. If the lamp is easily cracked, the dust cover will cause rainwater to enter the lamp while driving, forming a fine mist in the chimney. Once the front light is illuminated, it will be affected and may also corrode the circuit plugs and cause damaged headlights. At this time, the owner can open the headlight dust cover and turn on the headlights. The xenon lamp is still on. The water mist of the headlights disappears within 10 minutes. It disappears completely after 1 hour. If it disappears, don't worry. But if there is fog, go to the professional after-sales service station for processing.

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