Leather seat maintenance knowledge

Date:Nov 09, 2018

At present, more than 80% of Chinese people's cars are leather seats. Because the leather seats are beautiful and durable, they are easy to clean. They are close to the human skin and have a comfortable touch. The capillary holes have good air permeability and smooth surface. In addition, the leather seat cushion is not easy to burn, and it is not afraid of the cigarette butt burning. It can also increase the cooling effect and save the air-conditioning combustion consumption. In the eyes of the Chinese people, the leather seat is a symbol of noble luxury.

But many people know very little about how to maintain cleanliness. To understand how to maintain clean leather, you need to have a deep understanding of the leather. The car is completely different from household leather, leather shoes and leather. The car skin is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo. Among them, yellow cowhide is the main raw material, and yellow cowhide has the advantages of soft quality, good elasticity and fine pores. From the production process, it can be divided into the top layer skin and the second layer skin. The top layer skin feels soft and is relatively durable. The second layer has a small stretch, a hard touch, poor inflection and short service life, so the price difference is relatively large, and there is a difference in origin. There are generally five grades, namely Italian leather, German leather, Korean leather, Thai leather and domestic. skin.

Since the dermis has to be in contact with the human body every day, the most harmful to the dermis is the body's oil and fat, and some other damage from the outside world is also extremely harmful to the leather seat cushion. If it is not cured for a long time, it will cause the cortex to become hard and dirty, and the final result is cracking, so careful maintenance is crucial for the leather seat cushion. Today's professional leather cleaning products generally use leather professional soft detergent. This kind of cleaning agent has the characteristics of soft decontamination, no solubility, no damage to the leather and no influence on the original appearance or brightness of the leather, and has a good maintenance effect on the leather.

It is recommended to add a layer of protective wax to the leather chair 15 days after the new car and the newly modified leather chair. This is very convenient for the owner to remove the dirt with a general cleaning agent. Under normal circumstances, the new car can be treated after one month, and then can be kept once a month, so that the leather can be kept bright and new all the year round.

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