Introduction of safety seat

Date:Dec 04, 2018

The safety seat is a seat designed for children of different weights (or ages) and installed in the car to effectively improve the safety of children. In the case of a car collision or sudden deceleration, the pressure on the child can be reduced and the child's body movement can be restricted to reduce the damage to them.

The safety seat is a seat attached to the seat of a car. It has a protective accessory for the car's accessory equipment. It is commonly referred to as a safety seat, a child safety seat, a child car seat, etc. Refers to this safety seat. It is a seat for children to ride and to restrain children in the event of a car accident. Its technological content and value vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The European mandatory implementation standard ECE R44/04 (Netherlands) is defined as a child safety system that can be attached to a motor vehicle, with an ISOFIX interface belt assembly or flexible parts, adjustment mechanisms, accessories, etc.

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