How to recognize genuine and fake leather seats

Date:Jan 21, 2019

Look, the skin is smooth, the skin is fine, the color is bright, and there are tiny pores.

Touch, this is the most effective way. The texture of the skin is soft, smooth and elastic. If the surface is granules, the board is hard or sticky.

Although the synthetic skin is also leather, in the process of processing, some glue chemicals will be added. After burning, there will be some chars, and the leather will not.

Rub, use a damp gauze to wipe back and forth nine times on the leather surface. If there is discoloration, the quality is not enough.

Pull, the two hands pull the leather to pull on both sides, if the leather surface appears seam marks or reveal a light white background, it means that the elasticity of the leather and the dyeing process are not closed.


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