How to moisturize leather seats in autumn and winter

Date:Nov 22, 2018

First, reduce the inner loop

First of all, we must know that the external circulation mainly plays the role of ventilation. Therefore, when the air inside the vehicle is dirty, it needs to be turned on. When driving at high speed, if the inside of the vehicle is sealed, only the inner circulation is used, it is easy to cause insufficient oxygen in the vehicle. The driver is fatigued to drive, unable to concentrate, and there are dangers.

Second, the environment that needs to open the outer loop:

1, The newly bought car

2, When someone in the car smokes

3, High speed driving

4, Open the car for a long time to open the inner cycle

The inner loop is simply to absorb the air inside the car and not exchange it with the outside air, so this is actually an unhealthy way of changing the air, and the internal circulation is much more open, and the air humidity inside the car will also drop, but in the In some cases, it has to be used, such as when driving in a closed or air-contaminated section.

Third, wet towel spread

You can place the damp towel under the front windshield of the co-pilot and let it dry naturally. This process can increase the humidity inside the car. If you have done it, pour water on the towel.

Will the leather seats and paintwork be cracked? How to moisturize in autumn and winter? Please enter the picture description The skin of the person needs moisturizing, and the leather seat is also the same. Do not think that the leather equipment does not need protection. If the leather product loses too much water in a dry environment, it will wrinkle or even crack.

Fourth, there are many ways to protect the leather seat

1, Avoid sun exposure

2, Regularly wipe the seat

3, When you first buy it, first apply a layer of polish to the leather seat of the new car and add a protective layer.

4, Wipe once a month with professional leather soft detergent for maintenance and decontamination. This leather part can also maintain a "moisturizing" effect for a week or so.

Fifth, the paint surface should be "moisturizing"

The paint surface of a car seems to be exposed to the dry air of the sun every day. Naturally, it needs to be moisturized. There are also many products on the market that protect the car's lacquer. If the car is often driven in the suburbs, the environment is poor and there is a lot of dust. It is a good choice to put a layer of wax on the car.

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