How to maintain and clean car seats

Date:Feb 27, 2021

First, the car owner should first use a brush to clean the dirty parts, then use a clean cloth to dip a small amount of neutral detergent, wipe the surface of the seat under the condition of semi-dry and semi-wet, and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the seat again and remove excess water. The vacuum cleaner removes dust and dust fragments.

If the vacuum cleaner does not work well, you can choose to use a dry cloth to wipe the fiber surface, and then dry the seat fiber thoroughly. If the flannel is still very dirty, wipe it with mild soap and warm water, and then dry it thoroughly. If the dirt cannot be removed, try a commercially available fiber cleaner. Use this cleaner first in less obvious locations to make sure it will not have a negative effect on the flannel. Use this cleaner according to the instructions.

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