How to check car lights

Date:Mar 01, 2019

First of all, the headlamps should have sufficient brightness and intensity. The headlights of the car have high luminous intensity and sufficient brightness to ensure that the driver can identify the road conditions while driving at night, so that we can observe the road emergency in the first time, so that we can Stay away from danger. Generally speaking, every 50,000 kilometers or two years or so, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be weakened. If the brightness of the headlight is found to be insufficient, the bulb needs to be replaced in time. When replacing the car bulb, be careful not to use inferior products, but to choose the original car lights, because only the original car lights, the quality and safety can be guaranteed.

Second, pay attention to the direction of the illumination (the direction of the main optical axis of the headlamp). The headlight illumination direction not only provides reliable illumination for the driver of the vehicle, but also prevents the driver of the other party from being dazzled when the vehicle is at night. Therefore, the direction of the headlights is one of the factors that affect the safety of the car at night.

To do this, you may need to adjust the lighting of your car, if you do not plan to open to the 4S shop for adjustment, you can also adjust the direction of the car lights. The specific method is as follows: When adjusting, the load inside the car can not be too heavy, and it should not be too light, so that the lights can be adjusted to be more balanced, and it is more suitable to adjust the load in a person's state. The owner can use a screwdriver to properly adjust the height of the headlight beam according to the instructions in the car manual. In general, the right headlight should be completely horizontal and the left headlight should be up 10 cm. It should be noted that the adjustment of the lights should not be too high, so as not to see the driver's eyes across the street. In addition to the height, the width of the headlights can be adjusted appropriately. It is recommended that the owner adjust the beam of the right headlight slightly to the right, so that even on rainy days and foggy days with low visibility, the right side of the road can be seen more clearly.

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