How to adjust the seat back of the excavator

Date:Dec 22, 2018

Excavator seat back adjustment method:

1. There is a hand-drawn lever under the seat. It can be adjusted with the same as the family car. It can be used to adjust the distance between the whole seat and the driving rod.

2. There is also a hand lever on the lower right side of the seat to adjust the distance between the seat and the operating lever. There is also a toggle wheel that can be used to adjust the height of the seat.

Daily inspection:

Visual inspection: Visual inspection should be carried out before starting the locomotive. Thoroughly check the surroundings and bottom of the locomotive in the following order:

1. Whether organic oil, fuel oil and coolant leak.

2. Are there loose bolts and nuts?

3. Whether there is wire breakage, short circuit and loose battery connector in the electrical circuit.

4. Is there oil?

5. Is there any accumulation of people?

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