Do not add a protective cover to the car seat

Date:Nov 18, 2018

After buying a car, many people will add a seat cover to the car to protect the seat, but in fact, it wastes a lot of functions!

1. Flame retardant function

All materials in the car are basically flame retardant. The people in the car must sit in the seat. If the flame retardant function is not up to standard and a fire breaks out, people will soon die! However, it is difficult to say whether these seat covers we buy have flame retardant functions. If a fire occurs, it may become one of the sources of fire.

2. Affect the use of airbags

We know that the current vehicles all have side airbags. And the side airbags of many cars are in the seats. After an accident, the airbag is ejected from a blast. The seat cover sealed the seat, causing it to be inoperable. Affect our safety! Even if the airbag is not blocked, it will change the ejecting route of the airbag, but it will cause secondary damage to people!

3. Odor

Especially for new cars, the taste is not good. Adding a seat cover with a bad quality, the odor is even heavier, and it also affects the emission of the seat.

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