China's car seat market status survey

Date:Mar 01, 2019

According to the shape, the car seat can be divided into a separate seat and a long seat; according to the function, it can be divided into fixed type, detachable type and adjustable type; according to the number of passengers, it can be divided into single, double and multi-person chairs. According to the performance of the seat, from the earliest fixed seat to the multi-functional power adjustment seat, there are air cushion seats, power seats, stereo seats, mental recovery seats, until the electronic adjustment seat. Divided into leather seats and flannel seats by material. There are also seats for special use, such as child seats and racing seats.

According to the research report and development trend report of China's car seat market released by China Industrial Research Network in 2018-2025, car seat cushion is an important part of car interior decoration, and its development also promotes the development of automobile interior decoration industry. In the course of its development, it has gathered several characteristics of this industry during this period.

1, The embryonic period, ** years ago, no design, the quality is generally small and small, the manufacturers have high profits, low dealers, high profits.

2, Starting development period, 2000-2002, no design, quality in general, the number increases, the scale is not large, the production volume increases, the profit can be.

3, Rapid development period, 2002-2005, began to design, the quality of high, medium and low differentiation, the number of large increases, the size of the scale, the profit is thin, the number of brand operations increased, the profit is low, everyone began to grab the brand.

4, Stable development period, after 2005, emphasis on design, quality differentiation is more obvious manufacturers frequently appear closed and new, different sizes, profit differentiation, brand operations began to strengthen the emergence of large-scale dealers, large distributors to manufacturers Conduct counter-control, small dealers grab the brand.

5, Monopolization period, unpredictable time, according to the needs of the market, there is a reasonable situation in which high-end products and low-priced products with excellent design and quality coexist. There are large-scale manufacturers and subordinate large-scale processing factories, profits are smooth, and the brand begins to seize large In some markets, large-scale distributors or manufacturers have joined forces or integrated, and profits have been stable.

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