Car seat market development status and competitive situation

Date:Nov 05, 2018

1. Industry status

The passenger car seat is composed of a seat cushion, a backrest, a side back support, a headrest, etc. In addition to satisfying the riding function, the seat has a great function of maximally protecting the seat in the event of a traffic accident. The role of the rider. Therefore, OEMs have a strict set of safety testing standards for passenger car seats.

The design and inspection of the passenger car seat has a very strict process, so the structure of the seat seems simple, but it has a high technical content to meet the vehicle. The recliner and the slide rail in the passenger car seat are key components, and the technical requirements for manufacturing are high.

Because the system design and manufacture of the passenger car seat is quite difficult, the industry entry barrier of the seat assembly is still relatively high, so the passenger car seat system that can be recognized by the major automakers in the world automobile industry is the last. There are only a few integrated companies, such as Johnson, Lear, Faurecia, and Indy.

The analysis believes that China's automobile industry has developed rapidly in recent years and will develop steadily in the future. This has a large demand for seats, so there is still huge room for development in the future of passenger car seat industry. At present, China's passenger car seat market is mainly concentrated in a series of joint ventures such as Johnson, Lear, Faurecia, Indy, and Ties. The domestic R&D capabilities of domestic companies are relatively low. The grades of products produced are relatively low, the market share is also small, and the joint venture trend is obvious. In the future, local enterprises will gradually establish joint ventures with foreign-funded enterprises, and pure local enterprises will disappear.

2. Development and competition

Research shows that in the future passenger car seat industry in China, there will be a development trend in which the whole vehicle enterprise trains multiple suppliers, the competition in the supply market of independent brand products is fierce, the price competition of foreign-funded enterprises is gradually reduced, and the local enterprises gradually merge with foreign capital.

The current passenger car seat industry has certain investment opportunities, and the investment methods mainly include the following ways:

First, invest in the market of self-owned brands and newly-accessed passenger car companies;

Second, joint venture with local passenger car seat companies;

Third, commercial vehicle seat companies are transferred to the passenger car seat industry;

Fourth, invest in secondary and tertiary suppliers and integrate the industrial chain;

Fifth, invest in the export production of parts and assemblies. Among them, investing in secondary and tertiary suppliers and integrating the industrial chain has the most commercial value, which is worthy of study by industry and industrial investment funds. There are still some risks in investing in the passenger car seat industry. Pay attention to risks in the market, technology and competition.

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