Car leather seat leather selection

Date:Nov 14, 2018

Car leather seats generally use imported or domestic yellow cowhide and buffalo leather. In some cases, other leathers, such as horse skin, camel skin, etc., are used, but this rarely happens, and the common ones on the market are Yellow cowhide and buffalo dominate, other cortex is rarely seen.

Yellow cowhide, which we often say A-grade leather, is the most common material used in all car leather seats. The surface is delicate and soft, almost no pores are visible, the texture is firm and very tough, so the seat is processed. Extremely beautiful.

Buffalo is also known as B-grade leather. Compared with yellow leather, his advantage is strong wear resistance. The disadvantages are not enough softness, poor hand feeling, poor toughness, rough surface and clear pores. The processed seat is slightly more beautiful than yellow leather. difference.

In addition to the above two types of cortex, a class C skin, which is the second layer of yellow cattle and buffalo, is often seen on the market. C-class leather is divided into "wet posts", "dry posts" and ordinary two-layer leather. The common C-class leather is mainly referred to as “wet post” and “dry post”. Compared with the "wet post" skin, the skin quality is slightly better than the "dry post" skin, and the price is higher, but compared with the A-grade leather and the B-grade leather, the quality, the aesthetics, the price and the service life are much different. . Therefore, we do not advocate customers to use leather processing seats below grade B.

Under normal circumstances, seats made of Class A and Class B skins can generally be used for 5 to 8 years. That is to say, in China, even if the car is scrapped or renewed, the leather seats are basically Can be kept intact, of course, to eliminate the damage caused by improper use, such as sharp weapon scratches, long sweat soaking, etc...

The advantage of C-grade leather is that the price is cheap, but considering the comprehensive factors, we think that it is not advisable for customers to choose to use C-grade leather. After all, spending tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a car is not only a year or two to throw. Lost.

Finally, let's talk about imported yellow cowhide and buffalo. At present, the imported skins commonly found on the market are generally imported from abroad, skin embryos and finishes, and then processed and sold domestically. But even so, it has a big gap with the domestic leather, no matter the quality and appearance compared with the domestic leather is very perfect, but the price is too expensive, the color variety is not as complete as the domestic leather. Imported leather is more suitable for high-end cars and the pursuit of perfect customers.

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